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Heidi Schueremans 

Creative Artist , Workshops ,  Photography and Ceramics  .

About - Creative Artist  

Heidi Schueremans  -  Line Drawings , Photography ,Clay Sculpture 

Heidi Schueremans  ,creative artist,  has a well established artistic background in line drawing , photography , creative sculpture and clay .

Her art work typically  combines constructive ,  repetitive - figuritive - line drawing  , realistic depictive  photography  , with the 'caricative' medium of clay .... each piece energetically reflecting the  colourful and dynamic  personality behind her  work ..... 

This site reflects just a few examples of   her work .. including her recent commissioned 'photo - illustration - montages' at the DeKraal Winksele , April 2016

more to see at the popular store ...  ,  more to follow ........

A-r-t Commission 2016  -  DeKraal Winksele

Heidis' latest commision work ..... Three Giant photo illustration  montages depicting every day school life at the newly built and opened  De Kraal School Winksele .... 

Art Elevation - De Kraal Winksele

 April  20,16

Three Giant photo illustration montages being lifted into place -  depicting every day school life at the newly built and opened De Kraal School Winksele ....   combinig creative arts and functionality -with that of "colourful sound equalisation" in the school atrium / entrance hall  .... 

A-r-t Commission 2016 - DeKraal Winksele

The finished commissioned art work 

Heidi Schueremans  2016 

A-r-t Commission 2016 - DeKraal Winksele

Opening of the photo - illlustration - montages -  De Kraal School Winksele

A-r-t Commission - tubular dominos

An interface of simplistic artisitc design .....  symbolism and functionality .... a  different perspective -  representation of giant tubular "dominos"  in a soft organic  woody playground setting ......   

Creative Tiles - "Steps on the Playground"

Comissioned  Activity -  Childrens Workshop  - Gemeente  Herent  April 2017 


Heidi Scheuremans .. monochrome ..a selection from the series . "reflections on India "    April , 2013


Hand sculptured clay works - figurines - caricatures


Each  figurine is  built by hand as a series of progressive clay layers , scultptured  and refined  to fine detail  , each "manurism" of the figures personality  comes to life under the watchful eye and  skilled hand  of its creator  ..... 

Hand sculptured clay works

Mini - Gallery           some  examples of  clay method ,  figurines - caricatures

Clay and Art - Worshops 

Workshops for children with many themes and activities   half day , full day  ,holidays .... after  school too !!

Workshops of all shapes and sizes 

Interested in joining in on the fun  ?  .. then come join us by using the contact  form below   :-) 


Heidi bewandelt verschillende kunstpaden. Expressieve tekeningen, kleurrijke keramieken beelden met persoonlijkheid en levendige fotografie. In haar nieuw werk toont ze foto’s als lithografieën op klei.

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Phone: 0472 37 63 40


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